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    Welcome: Shandong Yuncheng Jianxing Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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    Company news

    Shandong Yuncheng Jianxing intelligent transportation equipment special vehicle project is a successful case of "Teng cage for bird" in Yuncheng county

    On October 31, 2021, the on-site observation meeting of economic and social development in Heze City, Shandong Province was held. Yuncheng county firmly grasped the target positioning of "stepping into the top 100 counties in China", put the word "reality" first and the word "dare" first, highlighted the project construction, implemented the project, expanded and strengthened the industry, burst out the vitality of the county economy and left a deep impression on the participants. This is a vivid epitome of the vigorous economic development of Heze counties (cities and districts).
    "Cage for bird"
    Lead to "Golden Phoenix"
    Less than four months after the project was put into operation, the accumulated export volume is 120 million yuan. Up to now, it is the export-oriented enterprise with the highest export quota in Yuncheng County, which is Shandong Yuncheng Jianxing.
    Shandong Yuncheng Jianxing intelligent transportation equipment special vehicle project is a successful case of "Teng cage for bird" in Yuncheng county. The 25000 square meter idle plant in Yuncheng log products industrial park was completed and put into operation in 75 days, refreshing the new speed of Yuncheng project construction.
    With a total investment of 320 million yuan, the project adopts domestic advanced assembly line production equipment such as NC cutting, automatic welding and stamping, and can produce 5000 special vehicles for intelligent transportation equipment per year. The products are mainly exported to Vietnam, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. Combined with the product market demand, Shandong Yuncheng Jianxing started the phase II construction project, planned to build a 17000 square meter high standard plant, install the industry-leading automatic production equipment, and produce 21000 intelligent logistics port transport vehicles per year.
    Please go "little sparrow" and lead to "Golden Phoenix". In order to break the bottleneck of land restriction, promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, and cultivate and develop new business forms and new economy. Yuncheng county vigorously carried out the "cage for bird", continued to promote the revitalization and utilization of land approved but not supplied, supplied but not used, and inefficient land, and actively used idle land and plants to introduce high-quality industrial projects. While reducing the waste of land resources and saving investors' funds, it revitalized idle plants and effectively improved the level of intensive land use. Since this year, a total of 9 249.7 mu of land have been revitalized.
    Reinforcement chain implementation
    "Zero breakthrough" in cooperation with central enterprises
    The key to industrial prosperity lies in the strong industrial chain. Focusing on "reinforcing the chain and strengthening the chain", yuncheng county actively promotes the "business investment" model, promotes Yuncheng to upstream and downstream cooperative enterprises through existing enterprises, and fully promotes the in-depth cooperation between Zhengshang wheel and FAW Group, and the cooperation between good friend biotechnology and China forestry group. A number of large state-owned enterprises and central enterprises will soon settle in Yuncheng.
    Stimulate new vitality and gather new kinetic energy. From January to September this year, yuncheng county signed 41 projects with a total investment of more than 100 million yuan, with a total investment of 12.675 billion yuan; In addition to real estate, 59 projects with a total investment of RMB 45.037 billion are under construction.


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